9:15-11:00: 1. session
Kerem Kınık:2030 vision of Türk Kızılay, in the light of Global goals.

Erik Ringmar: What is a non-Western IR theory?
Seda Yekeler : You are more than your genetics.

Abdullah Harun İlhan: Faces.

Mariam Yasmin : Big datas.
11:30-13:00: 2. session

Halil Berktay:Eurocentrism: a many-layered thing.

Gökhan Yücel:Apocalypse Now Redux: AI is the Latest Metaphysical Race

Suzanne Hitto:Life is a marathon.

Tim Urban:Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.
14:00- 15:30: 3. session 

Fatih Cihan Zent: Raga and Maqam.

Recep Şentürk: Independent thinking, learn to think outside of the box. 

Hakkı Öcal: How media affect the human condition?

Munirah Mohamed Alaboudi: Take an active role in your unfolding.

Heba Al Heraki: Drama and volunteering.
16:00 - 17:30 : 4. session

Muhannad Abu Mahfouz:Your dream is out of your comfort zone

Zia Ahmad Eshanzada.

Zulkarnain Mohammed: Why there are more places of worship than industries in Africa?

Essam Daod: How we can bring mental health support to refugees.

Intissar Rebouh: How humanity does not learn from its previous mistakes?